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Date: 2010
Client: Candee Clark (Me!)

I love illustrating and this was one of the first projects I did with illustrations. I definitely got to let out my quirky side and it was fun to work with the cereal box as the basis for all the ideas.


I conceptualized, illustrated and designed a vintage horror theme series of cereal boxes. Designed for the adult who enjoys the classics with a quirky twist, this series combines the style of vintage horror with the joy of childhood breakfast cereals, (that's a good combo, right?). The boxes were designed to have a faded look to compound the idea that they could have

been your own childhood cereal. In targeting an adult audience there is an intentional satirical quality to the wording and visual elements.



I love to explore, learn and create. I think bad jokes and clever ones are pretty awesome and I'm pretty damn funny in an awkward sort of way! I love what I do and I'd love to hear about what you love to do!


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