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Date: 2014
Client: Valerie Ostara

Remember the feeling you got as a child from swinging so high you could only see the clouds? That’s the feeling Val wants to teach children and teens who face anxiety to be able to find for themselves whenever they want. Sound Mind focuses on providing tools and support for the whole family by working with the child or teen as well as the parents to develop skills, support and useful tools for everyone.


Val and I worked together to create her a logo that captures that feeling of freedom from worry in a visual format that children and adults alike can recognize and which would pull up that feeling from our own memories of swinging high above all our worries.


The logo was brainstormed through sketching and research into anxiety, children, parents, imagination, fantasy...and many other ideas.

Val now has solid branding that immediately allows her clients to understand the value of learning from Sound Mind.




I love to explore, learn and create. I think bad jokes and clever ones are pretty awesome and I'm pretty damn funny in an awkward sort of way! I love what I do and I'd love to hear about what you love to do!


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