Resources Tips, blogs, ideas, links and tools that I have personally found useful

Resources for Business

  • Check out The Uncaged Life for a fantastic community of other entrepreneurs and people who run service-based businesses.
  • If you're feeling stuck or are in the midst of a life change, check out  Beyond Maybe for coaching. Crystal also has a great new interactive group called #Doodle2Change.
  • Trello is a really helpful tool for organizing. I'm extremely visual so I love how I have boards that I can see, organize and move around. Here's my personal link which gives me free months if you use it!
  •  Freshbooks is a fav for sure! I keep track of my clients, send them quotes and invoices, and it does most of my tax prep for me...not all but close! I get fun stuff like discounts if you use my link so click it if you like randomly loving me!
  • I love auto-scheduling. It frees me up so I can keep up with my connections and share updates but lets me do it when it's convenient to me. Hootsuite lets you do that and you can manage multiple social media accounts from one place!


Resources for Designers and Dabblers

  • I keep a large library for images; my own and online resources. Here's a few of my favourites:
  • Free high resolution images. Gorgeous curated collection.
  • Unsplash Another high quality collection of free-to-use photos
  • A great resource for any kind of photo free-to-use is Morgue File.
  • The name says it all! Damn You Art School I know I've been incredibly frustrated by how unprepared I was to actually apply my fantastic new skills once I got out of schools...have you? Check this out then!
  • The Noun Project Great resource for icons.
  • This is business but I find so many designers really don't know where to find info on contracts so I'm putting it here. I found Docracy really useful to get me started and to get data on what is possible in a contract. I also am a professional Photographer, Designer, and Illustrator so my needs for each vary quite a bit. Check it out. You can look up specific needs, edit online, save, send and share all in one place. Perfect!
  • I always need patterns and textures. Here's one for each: The Pattern Library and Subtle Patterns
  • Adobe Exchange has lots of free textures, brushes, graphics, templates and more.
  • Want to expand your skills or have something specific you need to know how to do for a project? Tutorial Vault is a great resource with tons and tons or tutorials that are user rated.
  • Oh how I love COLOURlovers! I spend a lot of time on my colour palettes for projects. I'm picky and I love it! Set a timer if you are like me or you'll only come up for food!


Resources for Clients



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