» Project « Chasing Lands
Date: 2012
Client: Jocelyn Ott

Stills photographer for “Chasing Lands” short film. This was my first job as a photographer on a film set. I loved it so much! Written and directed by Jocelyn Ott, a friend of mine in Vancouver. This was her first foray into writing and producing!


Jocelyn and I were both part of the group AFA Studios and attended The Movie Makers Course by Brandon Colby Cook of Cooked Up Movies


Synopsis of the short:

A woman finds herself in new lands with mysterious companions, trying to understand what it all means.


I love to explore, learn and create. I think bad jokes and clever ones are pretty awesome and I'm pretty damn funny in an awkward sort of way! I love what I do and I'd love to hear about what you love to do!


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