» Project « AFA Studios
Date: 2013
Client: AFA

I had the pleasure of building a brand for AFA Studios, “A collective force of creative professionals building mindful media to uplift the world.” A Vancouver, Canada collective beginning to grow something wonderful in the entertainment industry. I am also proud to be a member! Their mission is one I can definitely get behind!


AFA Studios makes meaningful media. The logo reflects this in its concentric circles growing ever closer to its goal, coming to the centre or the core of the issue along with the directional lines drawing in towards the target. The imagery reminds the viewer of a film camera lens as well as the opening credit countdown to a film. The typography is solid and grounded portraying an ethical stance that is unwavering in its dedication. The ‘AFA’ is shown rising slightly above the midpoint signifying how the group is determined to rise above the crowd into the realm of meaningful media. The design allows for a variety of uses while maintaining its integrity and visual impact. It is easy to view in a small format such as on poster designs and iPhone media. It’s classic look will endure as AFA grows and matures.

The logo is minimalistic in design but invites the viewer to look deeper and see the layers of meaning just as AFA Studios is about entertainment but with a deeper meaning behind every production.



I love to explore, learn and create. I think bad jokes and clever ones are pretty awesome and I'm pretty damn funny in an awkward sort of way! I love what I do and I'd love to hear about what you love to do!


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